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How have mobile phones transformed young lives in Africa? Today in Africa most young people in urban areas have mobile phones. The number of connections across the continent is estimated at over two hundred million and is set to rise. It’s no longer just about keeping in touch. Today a mobile phone can give you access to an education, healthcare, money and marketing your business. Young innovators and business people are taking advantage of this technology to make an impact on the continent. Amina Yuguda, the winner of the 2017 BBC World News Komla Dumor Award hosts a panel of experts from Africa to discuss the issues.


Kago Kagichiri, CEO and co-founder of Eneza Education, which makes affordable education available to those who have limited access to it using a basic mobile phone.
Khadija Patel, Editor in Chief at the Mail and Guardian in South Africa and co- founder of the Daily Vox, a digital platform giving young South Africans a voice
Rizwan Ibrahim, founder of Kenya Nights, a company that organises electronic, hip hop and dub reggae music events in Nairobi. Kenya Nights is an East African pioneer in social media, conducting 100% of its marketing via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Eunice Baguma Ball, founder and Executive Director of the Africa Technology Business Network which helps young women develop their business ideas often through the use of mobile technology.

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