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Mercy kahenda2 weeks

When stigma causes more harm than Covid-19

On March 12, Wangui Waweru arrived back home in Lanet, Nakuru, from a workshop in Nairobi. Wangui, who ran a ...

Veronica Bosibori1 month

Poor diet stunts children’s growth

When one thinks of Nakuru County, which is 150km west of capital Nairobi, images of fresh produce and plenty of ...

Veronica Bosibori1 month

Why Nakuru’s poor sanitation poses health risk to population

As the world becomes paranoid on hygiene amid Covid-19, Nakuru sanitation woes cause for worry Cholera, typhoid and dysentery kills ...

Joyce Mulama11 months

Sexual harassment still rife in media

Sexual harassment in the newsroom is still a topic of concern, resuscitating calls for strict enforcement of media workplace policies. ...

Kwamboka Oyaro11 months

Why the #metoo campaign went cold in Africa

It was tearful. It was shocking. The #metoo campaign unveiled in 2017 brought to the core hitherto hidden stories about ...

Gemnet Staffwriter1 year

World celebrates women

On March 8 each year, women pause to reflect on their achievements and celebrate one another world over. This year theme ...

admin2 years

Technology taps into ending huge post-harvest losses

By Juliana Omale-Atemi  Agriculture is one of the drivers of Kenya’s ‘Big Four’ agenda that defines the country’s development path ...

Kwamboka Oyaro2 years

Corporate boardrooms: where are the women?

  A lack of diversity afflicts most companies’ boards By Kwamboka Oyaro When a woman rises to the top rung ...

Outsourced Gemnet2 years

A director’s apology adds momentum to South Korea’s #MeToo Movement

SEOUL, South Korea — One of South Korea’s most prominent theater directors apologized on Monday for sexually abusing actresses, part ...

Gemnet Staffwriter2 years

Kenya’s human rights defender feted for her work

Njeri Kabeberi is a renowned human rights activist with countless international awards to her name, but has had little or ...