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Dr Laboso promises to eradicate poverty in Bomet


Jubilee Party governor candidate Joyce Laboso has promised to eradicate poverty in a seven-point plan she unveiled for the county. Dr Laboso said she would do so by improving agriculture and providing residents with clean water. She also promised to improve education standards and healthcare. “We shall put in place policies that prioritise economic opportunities to eradicate poverty. Leveraging the strengths of our productive land and hard-working people, with a focus on the tea and dairy sectors,” she said.


The outgoing Sotik MP promised to revolutionise the tea sector by improving prices and addressing farmers’ concerns. With farmers in 18 out of the 25 wards in the county depending on tea, Laboso said she would ensure efficient management and operations of factories.


“My intention is to see reduced costs of tea processing so farmers can earn more.”


She also promised to brand and market tea from the county. In the dairy and livestock sector, Laboso pledged to fight middlemen who have continued to exploit farmers.

She said with extension services and reliable artificial insemination (AI) at hand, farmers could bank on her administration to deliver good milk prices.


“Streamlining and sustaining the provision of subsidised AI services for better breeds is key to enriching our farmers,” Laboso said.


“We will also put up at least three high-volume water tanks in each ward to ensure that water reaches more 300,000 households across the county.”

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